“I’m so glad I invested in Carla!”

Josh Levy, Vice President, Inspirato

Experience dynamic immersive workshops that ignite creativity, and inspire practical innovation that makes your company a playground of limitless potential.

We look at other brands and leading industries and markets and say we can’t innovate like they do. Their teams are more talented. They just have a knack for delivering incredible experiences.

We put limits on what we think is possible for ourself. 

Our products aren’t as interesting. Our budgets are smaller. We don’t have as many resources. That’s not how we do things around here.

Stop making excuses and invest in bringing out the best in each of your employees and teams. We can deliver all of our workshops as one-hour webinars, multi-day virtual workshops and everything in between. Carla will work with you to tailor the content to your specific goals and objectives, business needs, and industry challenges.



Popular Topics

A group of people in a circle.

RE:Think Innovation

Flip the formula on where great ideas come from

We think innovation comes from a specific department or people with prestigious degrees. That it happens in isolation. That it’s complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. It’s time to rethink that definition. Successful organizations gain their edge from MORE people knowing how to contribute better ideas, faster, and knowing how to make a direct impact on the business.

A group of people in a circle.

Applied Curiosity

Make curiosity your ultimate competitive advantage

Curiosity is more foundational to an organization’s performance than we ever realized. In fact, the highest-performing groups have a deeply curious culture that values rich experiences and offbeat schools of thought. Combining curiosity with a profoundly effective process of applying it sets companies on an accelerated path to innovation and performance. Curiosity’s also the antidote to burnout, apathy, and disengagement. Curious companies are financially and culturally healthy companies. 

A group of people in a circle.

Door Number 3!

Customized workshop based on your team or audience’s needs

Let’s work together to create something truly unique that fits an individual challenge, need or opportunity. Whether it’s for a specific company or association audience, we’ll make every lesson and tool apply across the board. Attendees will walk away not only thinking bigger and brighter, but fully equipped to begin doing the work right away.