“I’m so glad I invested in Carla!”

The age in which we live requires a constant supply of innovative ideas

We look at other brands and leading industries and markets and say we can’t innovate like they do. Their teams are more talented. They just have a knack for delivering incredible experiences.

We put limits on what we think is possible for ourself. 

Our products aren’t as interesting. Our budgets are smaller. We don’t have as many resources. That’s not how we do things around here.

Stop making excuses and invest in bringing out the best in each of your employees and teams. The following can be delivered as one-hour webinars, multi-day virtual workshops and everything in between. Carla will work with you to tailor the content to your specific goals and objectives, business needs, and industry challenges.

Popular Topics

Discover Undiscovered Possibilities

Find insights and meaning in unconventional places

The best possible answers to any problem are right in front of us, they’re just hidden out of sight. Discover how to break through limiting beliefs, leapfrog your performance, and instill an innovator’s mindset in EVERY member of your team.

RE:Think Innovation

Flip the formula on where great ideas come from

We think innovation comes from a specific department or people with prestigious degrees. That it happens in isolation. That it’s complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. It’s time to rethink that definition. Successful organizations gain their edge from MORE people knowing how to contribute better ideas, faster, and knowing how to make a direct impact on the business.

Demystify Creativity

Lead your team to the next big idea

Creative thinking is the one skill money can’t buy and technology can’t replace. The ability to connect the dots between disparate ideas is the hallmark of original thinking. But how do you actually do that? Learn how to mine your team’s greatest ideas and deliver lasting results by making creativity tangible and the process fun.

{I had Carla deliver a workshop for leaders from our top customers. It was the best-reviewed session we ever did! Carla adapted and personalized the message to address the specific needs of the group. She’s relevant and engaging, and I can’t recommend her highly enough!
Deb Rubin
Gates Corporation
{Carla helped shift our team’s innovation into high gear. She’s an engaging presenter who connects with her audience on a genuine level. She’s a skilled facilitator who builds a fun, trusting workshop environment. I appreciate Carla’s willingness to tailor her topic to the specific needs of our team. We walked away feeling excited, optimistic, and empowered!
Josh Levy
Vice President of Portfolio Operations, Inspirato
{Carla’s workshop was one of the most interactive experiences I have been a part of. The time and care she spent preparing for the day with us helped her step seamlessly into our world and gain the buy-in and permission of the team to engage deeply with them.
Chad Dyer
Enablement Leader, OnDeck