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Tim Washer Runs EXACTLY 19.7 Miles on the Humor Cliff

July 6, 2021

Everyone has that voice in their head. “I’m not qualified enough.” “I don’t have the time.” “I’m not ready for something so big.” We are programmed to be creatures of comfort; staying in our safe zones brings us peace. But when does peace become complacency? And when does complacency become stagnation? Instead of saying, “I’m not fit for that,” what if we gave ourselves the opportunity to make proclamations like, “I crossed the finish line as a different man than when I started”?

In short, let’s be more like Tim Washer. On this week’s episode of Connect the Dots, Tim and I take a deep dive into the process of turning a walker into a runner, both in and out of the workplace. Tim’s worked as a writer with the best of the best in comedy like Amy Poehler, Stephen Colbert, and Conan O’Brien, as well as big name companies like IBM, Cisco, and Accenture. Now Tim spends time as the CEO and CER (Chief Executive Ridiculator) of Ridiculous Media where he is in the business of working with brands to build support and rapport through humor, improv, and comedy.

So how exactly does he build a community through humor? Tim explains the power of fear, the reward of staying on the humor cliff, and how running 19.7 miles is different for all of us.

Takeaways from My Conversation with Tim

Follow the Fear. “When brainstorming ideas, you’ll always have that one idea that scares you. That’s the idea you have the obligation to pursue because it will yield the best outcome. It can be a transformational experience you would have never otherwise had.”

Live-Test Your Ideas. “Tim, it’s too edgy. I have a daughter in college.” We are programmed to think it’s best to play it safe when finances and jobs are in constant limbo. When you disagree on an idea, sometimes it’s best stay quiet and let people see what they want and how it could be better.

Adults Fall off a “Humor Cliff.” A Stanford Grad School study shows as people get older, they stop smiling and laughing as frequently around the time they enter the workforce. It’s no coincidence the line of demarcation is so pronounced around this time. Tim shows how to hang on to that humor cliff and how it benefits you both personally and professionally.

We also talk about confronting your inner critic, how to find your calling and how it’s transferrable, and why everyone should have a friend that you’re not allowed to sit next to in a serious event. Give the episode a listen, have a laugh, and share your thoughts in the comments.

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