How to Tie ROI, KPIs and Other Metrics to Storytelling


October 4, 2016

by Carla Johnson

We hear about storytelling a lot, but what does it mean? And does branded storytelling actually work? And can you measure it?

That was the topic of last week’s Content Marketing Institute twitter chat with Jacob Warwick, marketing strategist at Blast Analytics. Here were the top takeaways from the chat…

Question 1: What’s the difference between content marketing and brand storytelling?

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A collection of tweets discussing the key metrics and KPIs for measuring the ROI in content marketing.

Question 2: Why the increase in brand storytelling? How does it fit into a brand’s marketing mix?

A screenshot of a twitter page with a number of different tweets displaying key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to tie return on investment (ROI).

A post on a social media site showcasing a captivating picture of a man and a woman, exemplifying the art of storytelling in measuring ROI through KPIs.

Question 3: Do agencies and content marketers have the same definition of branded storytelling? If no, which is right?

A group of people are discussing KPIs and Metrics on Twitter.

Question 4: How can you measure the ROI of storytelling? What are the KPIs we should be tracking?

A group of people are discussing the metrics and ROI of social media.

Question 5: Stories are emotional. Numbers are not. How can you quantify emotional impact of a story?

A group of people are discussing the ROI of social media strategies.

Question 6: Storytelling has a natural home on social media. What metrics are best to track from social?

A screenshot of a twitter page showcasing various tweets emphasizing storytelling.

Question 7: Is there a point when trying to continually measure ROI of a story actually hurts the story?

A screenshot of a Twitter page showcasing a variety of tweets discussing Storytelling and KPIs.

A woman is using storytelling to engage her audience by speaking into a microphone, emphasizing the importance of digesting information with one's ears. This unique approach aims to achieve key performance indicators (K

Question 8: What tools or technology help in measuring branded storytelling?

A group of people are discussing the metrics and KPIs related to social media.

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