The Biggest Barriers to Brand Consistency and How to Fix Them


October 3, 2017

by Carla Johnson

When we think of branding, we think of companies that pull out the big guns. The ones that put money behind Super Bowl ads and have tremendous social influence.

That may not be your company.

Whether you realize it or not, your company has a brand. And whether you invest in it or not, that brand is how people know you…or they don’t.

A Forbes article caught my eye the other day, because it brought home the need for consistency in branding. That’s something that most businesses don’t think about. To most, their brand is their logo on a business card and website. It’s not about how the company shows up with a consistent message across platforms, divisions and audience touchpoints.

Why consistency matters

As marketers, we live, eat and breathe the brand. We nurture and refine it. But to everyone outside of marketing, the brand is…well…marketing’s job. It’s not something they feel inclined to pay attention because they have their own responsibilities. But before we can have audience fluency and understanding of our message, we have to make sure that employees know what we stand for, how to express it through their own individual roles and that they feel empowered to make decisions to make it come alive.

The second reason consistency matter is because it builds trust. And truly builds loyalty. Think about a friend you’ve had who was the wild card. You never knew what they were going to say or do. Whether they’d show up when they said they would. Or if you could depend on them when the cards were on the table. Do you trust them? Of course not. The same goes with your brand. In order to be trusted, you have to behave in a trustworthy manner, and consistency in your behavior is foundational to that.

So, how do you tackle your brand’s consistency challenges? Read the four steps that bring you closer, whether you’re a global enterprise or a fresh, outta the box startup.

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