“Carla possesses a unique ability to create an environment that sparks innovation.”

Ajay Bhatia, Director of Global Marketing, Oncology, Astellas Pharma

Praise from Industry Leaders

Explore the heartfelt testimonials from respected professionals who have been inspired by Carla’s engaging keynotes. From top executives to learning experts, each testimonial highlights Carla’s special talent for sparking innovation, kindling enthusiasm, and nurturing long-lasting relationships.

“Carla shows how teaching everyone in an organization innovative thinking leads to greater trust, better work and phenomenal results.
Eduardo Conrado, President
Ascension Healthcare System
“Our work with Carla has helped us leapfrog to an entirely new level of performance.
Kathy Button Bell, CMO and Senior Vice President
“Carla did a beautiful job of drawing out the essence of what made the people, brand and culture great. This armed the leadership team and I with valuable insights.
Greg Powell, Vice President & General Manager
“Carla's keynote address at our first-ever Innovation summit was a big hit! Prior to the event she was readily available at a moment's notice, and was prepared by having done her homework on the markets we serve, our customers' personas, our products, and our culture. As an innately-curious innovation professional, Carla went the extra mile by asking detailed questions that helped tie her talk to our company's unique situation in a way that resonated with the audience, which was primarily our sales force. She’s extremely authentic, and her humor and storytelling immediately led everyone to see and believe in the power of their own ideas, and how they too can drive innovation in our company. I recommend Carla for a keynote address for a wide array of audience types, as she's quite adept at analyzing the audience and adapting her message to their needs.”
Steve Dunn, Vice President Product Management & Marketing
“Carla Johnson is a class-act pro speaker. As our lead-off keynote speaker there was a lot of weight on my shoulders, as well as hers. However, she absolutely rocked the stage, and exceeded my expectations for her ability to engage a room full of technical marketers and business development professionals. We've already received multiple requests for companies to host her at their local events in the future.
Josh Miles
The Society for Marketing Professional Services
Carla brings a level of polished professionalism that kept the audience leaning in the entire time she presented her keynote. And her workshop was one of the most interactive experiences I have been a part of with a guest speaker. The time and care Carla spent preparing for the day with us helped her step seamlessly into our world, and gain the buy-in and permission of the team to engage deeply with them. Since Carla came and worked with our teams, they’ve been sending me chats around ideas and how to present them. By leaving them with a call to action to demonstrate their new skills with finding and presenting ideas, she’s already had an impact.
Chad Dyer, Enablement Leader
“Our team had a real (and understandable) skepticism about our offsite topic – “build” – particularly around driving meaningful innovation. Several people felt (1) burned by not having their past ideas adopted, (2) resigned to the perception that only ideas from the CEO move forward, and (3) uncertain about how they could bring things to the table. But my team walked away from Carla’s innovation workshop feeling excited, optimistic and empowered. There was an “a-ha” moment during the experiential portion of the workshop where everything clicked. All of a sudden, the origin story Carla presented during the intro synced with the process they were doing. And people understood why successful innovation pitches started differently than they expected, and ended with building stories that sell. Since Carla’s workshop there’s been a renewed enthusiasm for ideating and presenting new ideas across my team. Of course, that was the hope when we asked Carla to come in and share her work with us. But the quantity and quality of ideas has vastly exceeded my expectations. Her workshop helped to overcome known objections (e.g., tech can’t execute on anything) and new one’s that I wasn’t fully aware of (e.g., not confident about pitching / selling new ideas). Carla helped shift our team’s innovation into high gear. She’s an engaging presenter who connects with her audience on a genuine level. She’s a skilled facilitator who builds a fun, trusting workshop environment. I appreciate Carla’s willingness to tailor her topic to the specific needs of our team. I’m so glad that I invested in her!”
Josh Levy, Vice President of Portfolio Operations
“After hearing Carla Johnson speak at numerous events, I had her speak and lead workshops at meetings with marketing leaders from our top customers. It was the best-reviewed session we ever did! Carla adapted and personalized the message to address the specific needs of the group and gave them actionable takeaways they could implement in their businesses. She’s relevant and engaging and I can’t recommend her highly enough for any speaking engagement. She should definitely be on the top of everyone's list of speakers.
Deb Rubin
Gates Corporation
“Carla was so gracious and spoke to us several times before our event and I felt completely comfortable that the information would be relevant to our audience. She gave actionable takeaways. Carla spent the time to vary her stories and share case studies that were unique and lesser known. She's a great listener and communicator, flexible, patient and an extremely talented speaker!
Ronit Lawlor, Senior Director, Events Content
Path to Purchase
“I always learn so much from watching Carla speak. Having seen her recent talk on innovation, I picked up a lot of ideas and also some specific approaches for using this within my company. The insights and innovation processes are something I'll be using for our marketing campaigns as well as with the executive team at Treasure Data for bigger, strategic ideas. I highly recommend Carla as a speaker and she also has great books for going even deeper!”
Tom Treanor, Chief Marketing Officer
Treasure Data
“Carla did an amazing job kicking off our conference. Her thought-provoking content gave our attendees a glimpse into what’s possible if you don’t let the status quo hold you back. The feedback we received from attendees was overwhelmingly possible and she couldn’t have been any easier to work with. I would highly recommend her for any conference, and we may even bring her back ourselves!
Marc Wilensky, Board Chair, Marketing Association of Credit Unions, Vice President
Tower Federal Credit Union
My favorite outcome of Carla’s keynote was the incredible enthusiasm among the audience afterward. She helped them realize that they, too, have the chops to innovate, and it's not nearly as hard or intimidating as it seems. Carla is an engaging and energetic speaker with an uncanny ability to connect to her audience through careful research and a genuine interest in making her message resonate. I was particularly impressed with how many questions she asked about who our audience was, what they do, and what their hopes and fears are. She then took the responses to those questions and delivered a keynote that hit us square in the gut with possibilities. It definitely made me feel like we were more than a job or a paycheck - she honestly cared about how we received her message and what we did with it afterward.
Alyssa Fox
Society for Technical Communications
“I had the privilege of attending a training session led by Carla Johnson , and I have to say that it was a transformative experience. Carla is not just a public speaker; she is a true innovator and thought leader in her field! Carla’s ability to captivate the audience and inspire us to think differently was truly remarkable. Carla’s approach to innovation is unique– it wasn't just about technology and gadgets, but rather a deep understanding of the human element in the innovation process. Throughout the session, Carla shared real-world examples and case studies that brought their concepts to life. She made complex ideas accessible and relatable, showing us that innovation is not reserved for a select few but is something that anyone can embrace and cultivate. In addition to her expertise, Carla's presentation style was engaging and dynamic. She kept the audience engaged from start to finish, with a perfect blend of storytelling, humor, and interactive elements that made the session both enjoyable and informative. I left the training with a renewed sense of enthusiasm for innovation and a wealth of practical insights that I could apply in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend Carla Johnson to anyone seeking a transformative experience that will ignite their passion for innovation!”
Sara Hartsell, ODCP Sr. Learning & Development Specialist
Colorado Access
"‘Innovators' are often viewed as rare, even mythical beings. When we believe innovation is only for a select few people, our organizations stagnate. Carla's perspective on how anyone can be an Innovation Architect was refreshing and exciting. At a time when businesses are struggling to fill job openings, she gave a step-by-step plan on how to foster an innovative culture. Most importantly, Carla gave everyone permission to innovate. Carla was lively, authentic, and kind. In our conversations leading up to the event, she wanted to know about our community, our audience, and what we were trying to accomplish. Carla took time to listen and then implement what she heard in her presentation. I appreciate the time Carla took with our sponsors. It is invaluable to us that she engaged in conversations with them. What I valued most was that we didn't feel like 'just another stop' on a speaker's tour. I believe Carla genuinely wanted to be at Valley Business Keynote as much as we wanted her. Carla's presentation resonated with our audience. More than one attendee said she was their favorite speaker in the last 10 years of our event. Between her knowledge, stage presence, and her personable interactions, Carla has raised the bar on what we want from speakers in the future."
Andy Vanhook
Valley Business Keynote
“Carla Johnson is an exceptional innovation speaker! She captivates her audience and conveys complex concepts in a relatable and engaging manner that is truly impactful. Her passion for innovation is contagious, and her depth of knowledge and expertise in the subject matter is evident. What sets Carla apart is her unique ability to inspire and motivate individuals to embrace innovation and think outside of the box. Her insights, practical examples, and real-world applications has left a lasting impact on our organization and has inspired us to “RE:Think” innovation and our approach to innovation, which is one of our company’s core values, with a fresh perspective. I highly recommend Carla to anyone seeking a dynamic and thought-provoking speaker who can ignite the spirit of innovation within any audience.”
George Roupas, Director of TeleHealth
AccessCare Services
“We enjoyed working with Carla as much as we enjoyed her keynote! She accommodated our organization throughout the arrangements and was flexible in tailoring her presentation to meet the needs of our community. Carla is truly a down-to-earth motivational speaker with innovative ideas in how she inspires her audience through frameworks so they can develop innovative ideas themselves.”
Erin Meadows
Valley Business Keynote
Carla’s energy on stage was my favorite part of working with her. It’s absolutely contagious! She got the whole audience up, laughing, feeling positive, and energized. She made her concepts funny so everyone could identify with them. Then she backed them up with stories and examples that made them hit home. I’m 100% having her back at my next conference!”
Emma Roborgh, Founder
B2B Marketing Leaders Forum
Carla was magnificent! Her message was extremely insightful and captivated our audience. We would highly recommend her, and our audience gave nothing but positive feedback.”
Bart Wilson, Director of Operations
“Carla’s keynote was the perfect way to kick off our innovation forum. Her use of real-world examples helped make abstract concepts tangible and memorable. The presentation inspired fresh perspectives and left the audience energized to think about applying lessons to their own businesses. Carla is a compelling storyteller whose engaging delivery make her a standout speaker for any organization seeking to embrace innovation.”
Brooke Ybarra, Senior Vice President, Innovation & Strategy
American Bankers Association
“Carla possesses a unique ability to create an environment that sparks innovation. Her passion for fostering creativity was not only evident but contagious, inspiring our team to think beyond traditional boundaries and embrace a truly innovative mindset. Carla’s workshop was a catalyst for change, instilling in us the confidence to approach challenges with a fresh perspective and the tools to turn ideas into action.”
Ajay Bhatia, Director of Global Marketing, Oncology
Astellas Pharma
“Carla Johnson spoke to my soul! As a sales executive, I thought I had to choose between long-term innovation and short-term sales quotas. I now understand it’s not an ‘either or’ situation. Carla showed us how innovative thinking is the path to our entire sales team reaching ambitious targets. It’s also how we identify opportunities to create value, develop deeper relationships, and become indispensable partners to our customers.”
Nora H., Senior Vice President of Sales
Global Healthcare Technology Company
Over the past several months, I've had the privilege of spearheading an innovation speaker series at Clorox, an endeavor that has been very gratifying and a source of profound inspiration. This platform has allowed me to curate enriching experiences for our internal audience, and most recently, we had the pleasure of hosting the esteemed Carla Johnson. Carla's presentation, tailored for our executives and distinguished scientist, centered around the theme of curiosity. While the concept may seem elementary, Carla adeptly illuminated its complexity, particularly in our day-to-day endeavors where the pursuit of specific goals often overshadows the importance of curiosity amidst numerous constraints. Her discourse served as a poignant reminder of why nurturing curiosity is paramount. Through a meticulously crafted framework, Carla demonstrated how embracing curiosity can catalyze innovation across various facets of our professional landscape. What truly resonated with our team was her adept storytelling, which seamlessly conveyed actionable tactics to foster curiosity long after her presentation concluded. The vivid examples she shared brought her message to life, leaving a lasting impression. I firmly believe that companies characterized by a culture of curiosity are not only financially robust but also culturally vibrant. Thus, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Carla for reigniting our collective passion to embrace curiosity in our daily pursuits, wherever they may lead.
Shilpa Khanna, Global Innovation Insights
The Clorox Company
“Carla’s a very innovative thinker and an extraordinary marketing professional. She skillfully facilitated the discussion with our executive leadership team and methodically provided a framework for us to challenge our biases and assumptions and really focus on the future. Based on the Sales and Marketing results over the past 10 months, without reservation I provide a very strong recommendation for Carla and her team. She is a true partner.”
Dr. Cedric Alford, Vice President
Numeric Analytics
“Carla understands business, she understands marketing and she understands all the threads in between that weave the fabric that makes this amazing business blanket. And there are very few people that can walk that line.
Kelly Hungerford, Director of Digital Transformation Strategy and Services
Sunstar Global
Carla’s keynote on innovation inspired me to think of new ideas in a fresh way, and how to better connect the dots between those ideas and the desired outcome you have. The framework she provides for generating and executing ideas gives you clear action points. I'm excited to implement these strategies with the rest of our Creative Team and see how it improves the creative process for our campaigns.”
Brandon Aldrich, Creative Director
Rave Financial
“I’ve received nothing but positive feedback! Carla was completely engaging and had the attendees laughing and thinking - especially hard to do at 8:30 am on a Las Vegas morning. The videos and subsequent "idea journey" really helped attendees see how they could apply outside ideas to their own businesses. I continue to think outside the box myself and look for creative opportunities for AIN. I would 100% recommend Carla for an upcoming event.
Lisa Valladares, Marketing & Content Services Director
Aviation International News