All the World’s a Stage

A great experience starts with a great story. Carla sets the high-level vision at big conferences or intimate private events. Her expertise of speaking in multiple platforms brings together a C-suite, business-driven perspective with customer experience in a creative, fun, easy-to-understand framework.

Regardless of the size of your audience, Carla’s storytelling talents ignite ideas, motivate curiosity and validate that audiences aren’t alone in this changing world of marketing and business.

See Carla keynote the B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC in Sydney, Australia

Consistently a Top Performer

“Carla has become one of the leading voices in the content marketing industry. She’s spoken at Content Marketing World events a number of times and always performs in the top quadrant. Her sessions are original, well attended and her scores improve year after year.”
Joe Pulizzi, Founder at Content Marketing Institute, Author of Killing Marketing, Speaker and Entrepreneur

A Smart, Thought-Provoking Communicator

“We challenged Carla to deliver an inspiring, thoughtful and content rich session…in under 17 minutes. Our goal was to get attendees to be inspired to learn more through a motivating short form session. During our prep calls, she asked insightful questions, listened to our input and explained how she would tie it all together. She is a professional and I felt confident that she would deliver. And she did! We were thrilled with her performance, and I tell people, Hire Carla! She is smart, thought-provoking, a great communicator and a pleasure to work with. She elevates the credibility of your programming and leaves your audience yearning to learn more!”
Stacy Stout, FSMPS, CPSM, BRANDiac Strategies 2017 Build Business Conference Chair

Rocked the Stage and Exceeded Expectations

“Carla Johnson is a class-act pro speaker. As our lead-off keynote speaker there was a lot of weight on my shoulders, as well as hers. However, she absolutely rocked the stage, and exceeded my expectations for her ability to engage a room full of technical marketers and business development professionals. We’ve already received multiple requests for companies to host her at their local events in the future. Thank you, Carla!”
Josh Miles, Principal, MilesHerndon, Author, 2017 SMPS Build Business

Empowering, Delightful and Creative

“My favorite outcome from Carla’s presentation was a sense of empowerment through the recognition that all great things are created by someone who faces challenges just as we all do. And that rather than feeling intimidated by the impressive display of creativity, we should embrace it as inspiration. Carla is delightful, both professionally and personally. Her approach, whether it be in as a consultant or speaker, is always thoughtful and well executed. I look forward to an opportunity to work with her again!”
Sean Schroeder, CCO, Principal Partner, Blue River

Fresh and Eye Opening

“Carla recently spoke at a BMA NY event on creativity and BtoB marketing and did a masterful job. In a world overrun with content, especially about marketing, what she had to say was fresh and eye opening. Better yet, she had a strong point of view, so went beyond the status quo with her own original ideas. As anyone who does a lot of speaking knows, it takes more than a good presentation. You need the delivery, and that’s where Carla shines. She’s energetic, passionate, and winsome. She knows how to engage an audience, even the sleepy people in the back. She’s good!”
Phil Johnson, CEO, PJA Advertising + Marketing

Attendees were more engaged than we’d ever seen during an opening session

“I was so lucky to have a connection recommend Carla Johnson to me when I was in search of a dynamic keynote speaker for an upcoming marketing conference. She was incredibly easy to work with and Carla totally exceeded our expectations. Attendees were engaged more than we had ever seen during an opening session before. Carla personalized the content, which resonated with each and every attendee. I am going to make a point to incorporate Carla into our education initiatives whenever possible and would recommend her to anyone hoping to inspire others to create great experiences.”
Caitlyn Roe, Event Manager, Sightpath Medical

Innovative, Insightful and a Conference Favorite

“For our first regional Latin America B2B Marketing conference held in Bogota, Colombia, Carla Johnson’s vision and profound insights for B2B marketing trends exceeded our attendees expectations. Not only was her speech really innovative, but it also helped our event’s image thanks to her professional reputation in the international B2B industry. Furthermore, our event survey results ranked her among our best speakers.”
Juan F. Vega, Chief Event Organizer, Latin America B2B Marketing & Strategy Conference

One of the foremost thought leaders in content marketing and strategy

“I have had the pleasure of hearing Carla speak a number of times and each time I hear her, she shows why she is one of the foremost thought leaders in content marketing and strategy, B2B marketing and brand storytelling. Carla shows everyone how to communicate at a higher level within an organization and connect with teams in ways that are engaging and meaningful. She has that unique ability to make you think about the work that you do in a deeply relevant way.”
Chad Hartman, Director of Marketing, Tropical Foods

Engaging and Masterful

“Carla Johnson is what you hope for in a keynote speaker: Knowledgeable, engaging and masterful with her subject matter. Recently, she spoke to a business professional group for which I serve on the programs committee. We are both fussy and critical, and I can say that Carla did not disappoint. I recommend her to any group interested in her array of topics.”
Stu Perlmeter, Principal, 1st Resource Program Chair, Denver Advisory Board