“Carla truly overshot our expectations!”

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Unlock What's Possibile

Act on insights found in unconventional places

The best possible answers to any problem are right in front of us, they’re just hidden out of sight. Discover how to break through limiting beliefs, leapfrog your performance, and instill an innovator’s mindset in EVERY member of your team.

RE:Think Innovation

Flip the formula on where great ideas come from

We think innovation comes from a specific department or people with prestigious degrees. That it happens in isolation. That it’s complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. It’s time to rethink that definition. Successful organizations gain their edge from MORE people knowing how to contribute better ideas, faster, and knowing how to make a direct impact on the business.

Demystify Creativity

Lead your team to the next big idea

Creative thinking is the one skill money can’t buy and technology can’t replace. The ability to connect the dots between disparate ideas is the hallmark of original thinking. But how do you actually do that? Learn how to mine your team’s greatest ideas and deliver lasting results by making creativity tangible and the process fun.

{I’ve worked with Carla for both in-person and virtual events. She’s dynamic, has tons of personality and our audience just loves her! As a conference producer, she’s a joy to work with, always delivering the goods on stage, and her reviews are always phenomenal!
Len Herstein
CEO, Brand ManageCamp
{My favorite outcome of Carla’s keynote was the incredible enthusiasm among the audience afterwards. She helped them realize that they, too, have the chops to innovate, and it’s not nearly as hard or intimidating as it seems. Carla is an engaging and energetic speaker with an uncanny ability to connect to her audience through careful research and a genuine interest in making her message resonate.
Alyssa Fox
Society for Technical Communicators
{Carla’s energy was my favorite part of working with her. It’s absolutely contagious! She got the whole audience up, laughing, feeling positive, and energized. She’s an absolute super-star speaker and her skills blew me away.
Emma Roborgh
Founder, B2B marketing Leaders Forum APAC