“Carla Johnson spoke to my soul!”

Nora H., Senior Vice President of Sales, Global Healthcare Technology Company


An electrifying keynote speaker who fuses visionary creativity with pragmatic innovation strategies to inspire your team to think bigger & bolder so you can bust out of the status quo.

‘Innovation’ is one of those words that feels heady and exclusive. People think it means a special degree, job title or training. Or you’re either a creative genius, or you’re not. Because of this, innovation gets siloed and never reaches its full potential.

But the truth is 90% of innovation happens outside of traditional innovation and R&D teams. What if, instead of focusing your biggest investment where it’ll have the smallest return, you take advantage of the powerful opportunity right before you?

It’s time to lower the barrier to bring new ways of thinking to solve the real-world problems you face every day.

As one of the top speakers in the world on creativity and innovation, Carla teaches people through research and proven frameworks. Her captivating storytelling and infectious humor inspire people to believe they have the ability to affect change with less resistance and move the needles on growth and sales.

Audiences leave her keynotes inspired by her provocative thinking and ready to turn their ideas into practical application.

It doesn’t matter where you are on the org chart, it’s time to make innovative thinking your most powerful competitive advantage.

Popular Topics

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RE:Think Innovation

Flip the formula on where great ideas come from

We think innovation comes from a specific department or people with prestigious degrees. That it happens in isolation. That it’s complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. It’s time to rethink that definition. Successful organizations gain their edge from MORE people knowing how to contribute better ideas, faster, and knowing how to make a direct impact on the business. That’s because true inspiration can come from anywhere and lead to measurable results in days, not years. 

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Applied Curiosity

Make curiosity your ultimate competitive advantage

Curiosity is more foundational to an organization’s performance than we ever realized. In fact, the highest-performing groups have a deeply curious culture that values rich experiences and offbeat schools of thought. Combining curiosity with a profoundly effective process of applying it sets companies on an accelerated path to innovation and performance. Curiosity’s also the antidote to burnout, apathy, and disengagement. Curious companies are financially and culturally healthy companies. 

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Human Creativity in the Age of AI

Reignite creative thinking to bring a renewed sense of fun, playfulness, and imagination to your work.  

While technology and Generative AI have exploded, pushing the boundaries of what we believe is possible, the ability to think creatively is the one core human truth that will remain relevant in this brave new world. It’s more critical than ever to equip everyone in your organization with the mindset, skills, and tools to develop, champion, and execute on high-quality, highly relevant ideas online and off. It’s time to make imaginative thinking your ultimate advantage in the world of AI.

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The Six Faces of Innovation

Tap people’s innate superpowers to create idea-driven teams 

People think to be innovative, you need to maximize your tech and your processes. But what if we gave the same time and attention to the human elements? Knowing and understanding the drivers of each team member’s superpowers lets teams unlock the potential of everyone’s ideas. When everyone contributes and appreciates each other’s perspectives, you draw on a broader pool of expertise. The results is that teams solve bigger, more complex problems with greater creativity, faster execution, and better outcomes.  

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