What Marketers Can Learn from a CIO About Customer Experience


September 21, 2017

by Carla Johnson

IT has certainly crept into marketing’s world, but there’s opportunity beyond just ‘martech.’ While marketers use technology to improve efficiency and effectively capture data about audience, some IT counterparts are going well beyond that.

At a CIO Perspectives event, Home Depot CIO Matt Carey talked about his “mission to create an interconnected retail experience.” The $80 billion retailer is pushing to transform the customer experience across all its channels, whether it’s in stores, in a person’s home, online or on a customer’s mobile device.

Carey had an excellent point that marketers should take to heart. They’re listening to what matters most to their customers and then building backwards to come up with the experiences. Instead of looking at these four different checkout situations through siloed teams, they’re looking at the entire checkout experience.

It’s new for IT to look at customer experience in its entirety. It’s also new for marketing to do the same.

What if…and here’s a big what if…we collaborated across all departments to create the experiences that mattered most to customers and then made them a seamless, consistent reality?

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