Child imagining a pirate ship looking through telescope

The Museum of Play: The Connection Between Play and Innovation

November 22, 2022 Have you ever noticed how creative kids are? Young people see a cardboard box and it becomes ...
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William Kilmer Transformative

Innovate to Win: An Interview with William Kilmer, Author of Transformative

November 8, 2022 What do Netflix, Dollar Shave Club, Apple, and Cirque du Soleil all have in common? According to ...
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How Travel Improves Creativity

October 25, 2022 I can still remember my first big travel adventure as a kid. It was the summer between ...
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Diversity in a business meeting

How Diversity Fuels Innovation and Business Performance

October 11, 2022 I remember the first day I walked into my engineering classes as a college freshman. Within a ...
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How to Create an Empathy Map

September 27, 2022 When was the last time someone at work asked you how you felt about a major change ...
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The Value of Storytelling in Innovation

August 30, 2022 An idea needs six components to stick in people’s minds. Chip and Dan Heath’s research, published in ...
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