“Free” Content Marketing?

I sign up for emails from lots of places. Some of them I stick with for years. Some last a matter of days. I was dumb struck by one I received today from a writer I’ve followed for many years.

The gist of his email was that content marketing is overhyped. That is doesn’t achieve anything because all content marketing does is give information away for free.

“Go ahead and blog, tweet, and post. But be very aware that there is still a large segment of the buying population that places very little importance on that type of content.”

I found this, and the rest of his email rather ironic. And by ironic, I mean ignorant.

Here’s why:

  • Since when is content limited to blogs, tweets and posts? Obviously, he doesn’t understand what content marketing IS, much less how much you can achieve with it…especially revenues.
  • This writer has boasted for years that he makes the least amount of money from his core service offering – writing – than he does from other sources of income, that, when you boil them down are actually, you guessed it, content marketing: books, speeches, special reports that he sells to generate income upwards of $700,000. Pretty respectable for a one-man show.

Some of the best, most valuable content I’ve ever accessed certainly wasn’t free. I’ve paid thousands of dollars to go to conferences, buy reports and access information that moves me through someone else’s sales funnel.

There are a lot of people jumping on the content marketing bandwagon. Here’s one thing to remember: If you’re going to take advice, at least learn from someone who actually knows what they’re talking about.


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