“Carla possesses a unique ability to create an environment that sparks innovation.”

Ajay Bhatia, Director of Global Marketing, Oncology, Astellas Pharma

Praise from Industry Leaders

Explore the heartfelt testimonials from respected professionals who have been inspired by Carla’s engaging keynotes. From top executives to learning experts, each testimonial highlights Carla’s special talent for sparking innovation, kindling enthusiasm, and nurturing long-lasting relationships.

“My favorite outcome of Carla’s keynote was the incredible enthusiasm among the audience afterwards. She helped them realize that they, too, have the chops to innovate, and it’s not nearly as hard or intimidating as it seems. Carla is an engaging and energetic speaker with an uncanny ability to connect to her audience through careful research and a genuine interest in making her message resonate.”
Alyssa Fox
Society for Technical Communications
“Carla’s keynote was the perfect way to kick off our innovation forum. Her use of real-world examples helped make abstract concepts tangible and memorable. The presentation inspired fresh perspectives and left the audience energized to think about applying lessons to their own businesses. Carla is a compelling storyteller whose engaging delivery make her a standout speaker for any organization seeking to embrace innovation.”
Brooke Ybarra, Senior Vice President, Innovation & Strategy
American Bankers Association
“Carla's perspective on how anyone can be an Innovation Architect was refreshing and exciting. She’s lively, authentic, and kind. What I valued most was that we didn't feel like 'just another stop' on a speaker's tour. I believe Carla genuinely wanted to be at Valley Business Keynote as much as we wanted her."
Andy Vanhook
Valley Business Keynote
“Carla possesses a unique ability to create an environment that sparks innovation. Her passion for fostering creativity was not only evident but contagious, inspiring our team to think beyond traditional boundaries and embrace a truly innovative mindset. Carla’s workshop was a catalyst for change, instilling in us the confidence to approach challenges with a fresh perspective and the tools to turn ideas into action.”
Ajay Bhatia, Director of Global Marketing, Oncology
Astellas Pharma
“Carla Johnson spoke to my soul! As a sales executive, I thought I had to choose between long-term innovation and short-term sales quotas. I now understand it’s not an ‘either or’ situation. Carla showed us how innovative thinking is the path to our entire sales team reaching ambitious targets. It’s also how we identify opportunities to create value, develop deeper relationships, and become indispensable partners to our customers.”
Nora H., Senior Vice President of Sales
Global Healthcare Technology Company
“We enjoyed working with Carla as much as we enjoyed her keynote! She accommodated our organization throughout the arrangements and was flexible in tailoring her presentation to meet the needs of our community. Carla is truly a down-to-earth motivational speaker with innovative ideas in how she inspires her audience through frameworks so they can develop innovative ideas themselves.”
Erin Meadows
Valley Business Keynote
“Carla was magnificent! Her message was extremely insightful and captivated our audience. She truly overshot our expectations. We would highly recommend her, and our audience gave nothing but positive feedback.”
Emma Roborgh, Founder
B2B Marketing Leaders Forum
“Carla Johnson is an exceptional innovation speaker! She captivates her audience and conveys complex concepts in a relatable and engaging manner that is truly impactful. Her passion for innovation is contagious, and her depth of knowledge and expertise in the subject matter is evident. What sets Carla apart is her unique ability to inspire and motivate individuals to embrace innovation and think outside of the box. Her insights, practical examples, and real-world applications has left a lasting impact on our organization and has inspired us to “RE:Think” innovation and our approach to innovation, which is one of our company’s core values, with a fresh perspective. I highly recommend Carla to anyone seeking a dynamic and thought-provoking speaker who can ignite the spirit of innovation within any audience.”
George Roupas, Director of TeleHealth
AccessCare Services
“Carla Johnson’s workshop was a transformative experience! Her ability to captivate the audience and inspire us to think differently was truly remarkable. Carla’s approach to innovation is unique– it wasn't just about technology and gadgets, but rather a deep understanding of the human element in the innovation process.”
Sara Hartsell, ODCP Sr. Learning & Development Specialist
Colorado Access