Are You Hiding Your Best Ideas?

July 12, 2022

Six weeks ago I started lifting weights back at the gym.

Yesterday morning my daughter Abby came with me.  

I asked her why she was dressed in full-blown Rocky Balboa sweats and hoodie.

“I’m hiding my pump, Mom.”

What does that even mean????

She explained that it’s a Tik Tok thing…that people go to the gym and get all jacked up but no one knows because they wear bulky sweats all the time. Then one day, they wear regular clothes and wha-LAH!

They’re PUMPED!!

All to the shock and admiration of those around them because…they’ve been hiding the progress of building their pump all along. 

Goofy as it was, I can kinda see why people do this. It’s the “What the….” response of the big reveal. Revealing all the hard work and newly built outcomes that no one saw coming. The fun of blindsiding people and catching them totally off guard.

I compared that to the rest of my morning. And how, instead of waiting for the big reveal, I came up with, tested, and implemented an idea that turned into a sweet piece of new business for me.

An idea popped into my head for something I thought was brilliant. But, you know, sometimes I’m off. So I quick emailed it to my friend Robin for her feedback. She added a key point I didn’t realize was missing. I tested it on a podcast and made a slight adjustment. Then I had a call with a prospective client that turned into an actual client because of that one single sentence!

Here’s the difference between having an idea and socializing it verses working in secrecy and waiting for the big reveal…

Other people see things about your ideas that you don’t. They add to them, you talk​ them through, and massage them. All this socialization makes them better for when you ultimately pitch them. It also makes you more confident in the viability of it.

Not sure if your idea is actually a good one? Here’s some quick advice on how to identify an innovative idea. ​

Photo credit: Min An via Pexels

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