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Innovation Architect

Carla Johnson Innovation Creativity Speaker Author

If Frank Lloyd Wright and Lady Gaga had a love child, what would you get? Me, Carla Johnson.

My friends call me an Innovation Architect.

My teachers called me difficult. 

My bosses said I was demanding. 

Truth is, I’ve been pushing the status quo all my life. 

My path to becoming an Innovation Architect began when I was in kindergarten. My teacher gave me a sheet of paper and told me to color all the balls.  

The only thing between me and the real world of outside recess was that assignment. 

So I grabbed my nearest crayon and with a few broad scribbles, slathered the page with a single hue. When I handed it in, my teacher looked over the top of her glasses and told me to go back to my desk and do it all again.  

This time, she chided, color inside the lines.

I’ve been pushing the envelope ever since. 

I went from a one-room school house to a small-town high school to one of the top universities in the country. 

In college I was the only woman in a class 250 men studying physics and calculus. 

I studied architectural principals and my master’s thesis was immediately published as my first book. (I’ve written 9 more since then.) 

The Association for National Advertisers tapped me to be the 4th woman in 90 years to chair their B2B group. 

But at work, my bosses told me to quit fighting the organizational inertia. That’s just the way things were done, they schooled me. Sit tight. Hold on. And eventually I’d get my turn at the top.

It didn’t take long for me to get to the point when I couldn’t keep my provocative ideas to myself.

And that’s when I started my own company, RE:Think Labs.

Today, I get to spend my time working with cool companies like Amazon, Clorox, Citi Bank, 3M, Hilton and Intel to break through the status quo thinking that’s been holding them back. Help them rethink what innovation looks like for them and their teams. 

I’m lucky. 

Because I figured it out early that innovation doesn’t always have to be some complicated, expensive, time-consuming thing that only a handful of people with hefty degrees and special job titles do. 

Innovation is everybody’s business.

And I can’t wait to help make it yours