Start 2021 with greater creativity

A lot of people think they aren’t the creative ‘types.’ But creativity is just like any other muscle—if you want to strengthen it, you have to use it. You have to push it beyond its normal boundaries and apply pressure from different directions. You must practice making it perform under different situations, time frames and constraints. Just like any skill, the more consistently you practice creativity, the better you get at it.

The 30-Day Creativity Challenge kicks off January 1, 2021 (but you can start anytime)

When you sign up for the 30-Day Creativity Challenge, you’ll receive a daily email that teaches you how to become more creative in less than 15 minutes a day.

Nothing overwhelming.

Nothing monumental.

But everything you need to consistently push your boundaries and build your strength, endurance and confidence as a creative thinker.

One question... WHY 30 DAYS?

And not 3 days?

Or even 30 minutes?

Because like any muscle, you need little bits of practice...consistently. 

I guarantee that at the end of the challenge, you’ll become…

  • • Better at developing insights that lead to concrete next steps.
  • • Faster at seeing opportunities others don’t.
  • • Decisive about which problems to solve and how.
  • • Confident at connecting your ideas to your company’s business needs.
  • • Comfortable seeing yourself as a creative person.