What’s the status quo costing you?


What if your safest bet is actually your riskiest move? 

Used to be that the status quo was the way to go. It kept your company running. And it kept you employed. But in a world that changes at the speed of a TikTok, standing still makes you a sitting duck. Volatility lurks around every corner. Startups have become rockstars. Founders are celebrities. Customers are fickle. Employees are leaving. Disruption’s inevitable. But if anyone’s going to disrupt your industry, your company or your team, shouldn’t it be you

The status quo is costing you a lot.

Innovation doesn’t look like it used to. It’s not about brainstorming sessions or strategy huddles or team-building off sites. It’s no longer just a handful of people with hefty degrees and special job titles.

It’s time to rethink your definition. Because innovation is an inside job. And it’s everybody’s business.  

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An electrifying keynote speaker, Carla fuses visionary creativity with pragmatic innovation strategies to inspire your team to think bigger & bolder so you can bust out of the status quo.

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Experience Carla’s dynamic immersive workshops that ignite creativity and inspire practical innovation so your company becomes a playground of limitless potential.

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Carla’s guidance transforms organizations by merging innovative design principles with groundbreaking ideas, leading to unprecedented growth and alignment that busts free of the “we’ve always done it that way” mindset.

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