New-World Thinking for Real-World Problems

As the world’s leading Innovation Architect, Carla Johnson helps people catapult to inspired thinking and leapfrog to bigger outcomes


Sara Hartsell, ODCP, Sr. Learning & Development Specialist, Colorado Access

What does it mean to be an Innovation architect?

Carla helps leaders make innovative thinking their competitive advantage with measurable results.


A provocative speaker who gives practical advice, Carla inspires people to think bigger, broader and bolder.



Carla delivers hands-on, entertaining and highly practical training across all levels and areas of the business.



Carla helps companies experience better growth, more efficiencies, less friction and highly aligned teams.


I believe innovation is everybody’s business

All my life I’ve found opportunities where others didn’t. And I’ve delivered results others couldn’t. I’ve launched companies. Grown others. Taught people how to think differently. Helped them reach extraordinary results.

I want to help you do the same.

My goal is to help people be more innovative thinkers so they can become…
More curious marketers.
More powerful sales teams.
More effective leaders.
More influential visionaries.
Because extraordinary results should be the rule, not the exception.

Connect to your inner innovator!

Discover how YOU design and build ideas.

Uncover the innovative spark inside YOUR company

“Carla was magnificent! Her message was extremely insightful and captivated our audience. She truly overshot our expectations. We would highly recommend her, and our audience gave nothing but positive feedback.”

Bart Wilson, Director of Operations, DrivingSales

“We enjoyed working with Carla as much as we enjoyed her presentation! She accommodated our organization throughout the arrangements and was flexible in tailoring her presentation to meet the needs of our community. Carla is truly a down-to-earth motivational speaker with innovative ideas in how she inspires her audience through frameworks so they can develop innovative ideas themselves.” 

Erin Meadows, Valley Business Keynote