A prolific writer, Carla Johnson has authored seven books throughout her career. Her latest book, Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing, recognizes that the buyer’s journey is no longer a guided tour. Content and creating content-driven experiences has proven an extraordinarily powerful new way for marketers to create value for business. But the challenge comes from transforming marketing from a subservient department that creates content only to describe the value of a product or service into one that knows how to create, manage and lead the creation of valuable experiences. Content-driven experiences, and the business’s ability to create, manage, promote and scale them, it will be the single most important key to this evolution. Experiences: The 7thEra of Marketing explores both the why and the how of navigating the new landscape and why marketing must lead this new era to create powerful customer experiences.

To map our experience journey together, we split this book into 2 discrete halves. The first half is to introduce you to this new era and discuss why it’s so important for marketing to lead this new initiative and earn a seat a strategic seat at the table. The second half is a detailed look at the process of content creation management and a recommended approach for how you might roll it out, how you’ll need to communicate it, how you can develop a measurement plan for it, and how you can ultimately build a process that it adaptable and scalable to your business.

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